Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Quick Stitch Project - Harris Tweed Flower Button

A statement button to finish off a stitch or sewing project can really bump up costs.  With thoughts of flowers ahead this year, here's one creative project for making an eye catching button at minimal cost.  Supplies for this project consist of Harris Tweed scraps, jumbo and standard rickrack, Prym Fray Check, clear craft glue, machine thread and 19mm self cover buttons.

Cut yourself 46cm of jumbo rickrack, cutting through the centre of 'waves' on either end.  Apply a little Fray Check to either end and leave for 5 minutes or so to dry - use in a well ventilated space.  Thread a needle with a double thread and put a good solid knot on the end.  Starting as shown, stitch the thread through the top of each 'wave' along the length.

Pull the thread to gather the rickrack into folds - the gathers may need a little help to sit in place.  Create a circle with the gathered rickrack and use a couple of small stitches to join the beginning to the end.  If you start and end the gathers as per the photo above, both ends will neatly tuck downwards.

Repeat this process with about 23cm of standard rickrack - it's a bit more of a fiddle but stick with it.  Use some clear craft glue to join the smaller ring on top of the first ring.

Take the 19mm self cover button and a small scrap of Harris Tweed - you could use pretty much any other medium weight fabric too.  Draw a circle on your fabric 34mm in diameter - self cover button kits often have templates to draw round.

Thread a needle with a double thread, and another big knot, and run a gather stitch around the outer edge of the circle.  Place the button mould curved sides down on the circle and pull the thread to gather tightly around the mould.  Then put in a few stitches to secure the gathers.

Next to put on the button back either with your fingers or use a 'self cover button maker' which can help to prevent the button front from getting squashed.

Finally glue your button in place pushing down into the rickrack.  Add a circle of felt to the back to finish off this creative stitch project that you can happily sit making in the sunshine.

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