Sunday, 17 May 2015

Open Stitch Workshops

Over my years of teaching, I've developed a flexible style of stitch workshops that I enjoy holding in inspirational and creative locations in Somerset.  My approach is a little different to other stitch workshops, in that attendees can all be making a different project!

I know how important it is to feel passionate about the stitch project you're about to tackle.  Aside of finishing up with a project that you love, this also helps to overcome those moments of frustration.  Attendees at my workshops therefore chose a project from my current Project List that appeals to them and fits with their stitching skills too.  Many of my projects are possible to complete in a day, which is also very satisfying and motivating.

Ideally attendees bring their own sewing machines to my workshops as this really helps when stitching back at home.  I provide instruction sheets with stage photographs for all my workshop projects and I also do lots of 'show and tell'.  Most importantly, I encourage everyone to work at their own pace and really enjoy their day - it's not a race!

After signing up for a workshop, I let attendees know by email or phone at least a week before what they need to bring along.  Sewing machines can be made available on request for the day and I always bring along other tools and supplies as well.  I locate my workshops in creative locations at affordable prices and I also aim to keep the size of the workshop to no more ten students.  Do get in touch if you have any questions or pop in if you are passing on any of the listed workshop dates.

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