About & Contact

My name is Pam Martin and I'm a stitch maker with a passion for creativity and all things Somerset.

Since I first held a needle and thread as a young child, I've explored stitch in many shapes and forms, particularly using sewing machines.  Of recent years I've spent many enjoyable hours experimenting with the creative potential of sewing machines and seeing what I can achieve with a basic machine with a good quality needle and thread.

As I've come to find through researching my family history, working with textiles is very much in my genes.  Stitchers, spinners and weavers feature strongly in my family tree and I am sure that their lives and skills have greatly shaped my creative passions.

Exploring the all that Somerset has to offer feels feels really important and I am incredibly lucky to have amazing landscape close at hand to inspire me.  I love being out and about with my camera and choosing between stitching and photography is often a tough call!

Please do contact me if you would like to know more about what I do or have any questions on somersetstitch@gmail.com or telephone 07950257214.  

Privacy Notice - this website is my main method of communication and I do not issue newsletters.  I hold personal email addresses solely to respond to expressions of interest about my workshops and work and I do not share this information with any 3rd parties.