Stitched Somerset

A few years ago, I started free stitching pictures on my sewing machine from photographs I had taken in and around Somerset.  Somerset's diverse landscape will forever inspire me and living and working on the Somerset Levels, I have beauty all around me every day.  I find using my sewing machine as a paint brush hugely rewarding and here are some of my pictures.

Majestic Marguerites at Creech St Michael

Great Bow Bridge at Bow Wharf Langport

Imperial Ilex at Bishop's Palace Wells

Carefree Comfry at North Curry

Shadow and Light at Cheddar George

St Michael's Church at Burrow Mump

Watery Willows at Beer Wall

Creeping Convolvulus at Middlezoy

The Final Steps at Glastonbury Tor

Great Willowherb at Moorlinch

Weeping Willow at the Bishops Palace Wells

Beautiful Buddleia at Moorlinch
Tender Taraxacum at Shapwick

Shapwick in the Summer Sunshine


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    1. Thank you - it's great to know that others enjoy looking at my creative work :)