Stitched Somerset

A number of years ago, I started free stitching pictures from photographs I had taken in and around Somerset.  Somerset's diverse landscape will forever inspire me and living and working on the Somerset Levels, I am so lucky to have beauty all around me every day.  I find using my sewing machine as a paint brush hugely rewarding, along with my embellisher machine for dry felting fibres for backgrounds.  Here is a selection of my recent stitch painting work and I am always delighted to receive feedback.

Hawthorn Trees Brean Down

Godney Moor Sheep

Small Moor Willows

Beer Wall Teasals

Berrow Sands Butterfly

Aller Flax Flowers

Moorlinch Bumble Bee

Creech St Michael Marguerites

Great Bow Bridge Langport

Ilex at Bishop's Palace Wells

Cheddar Gorge

Shapwick Taraxacum

Shapwick Summer Sunshine


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    1. Thank you - it's great to know that others enjoy looking at my creative work :)